Friday, August 7, 2009


Well Dad is now in Gravesend,_Kent in the VERY hard to find campsite The Conifers. Dad arrived in Gravesend at 4.00 and found the campsite at 6.15! He'd cycled up and down the A227. He'd been and asked in a pub - where someone offered to drive him there with the aid of his Satnav but Dad hadn't got the postcode. He nipped into an estate agents, he'd asked a milkman and several other people on the road. He then nipped into a Chemist in Meopham who came to his rescue by printing him off a map! Even with the map it still proved difficult to find. He stopped to ask a guy on a digger and it turned out that the campsite was opposite. No signs just a small sign on the gate "The Conifers". Dad had rang them up three times to ask for directions but kept getting the answerphone! Surprisingly there are two other caravaners and a tent on the site - I wonder if they had such difficulty finding it.

Today's route took him through Rockford, Hockley, Rayleigh, Hadleigh. He then had to pick up the busy A13 to Thundersley where he was able to get back onto B roads. He then got lost around Corringham and Stanford le Hope going round in circles! He stopped and asked for directions (who said men never ask for directions!). It was then on to East Tilbury and ride by the Coalhouse Fort and then onto West Tilbury where he stumbled upon the ferry which was just about to leave. It was just a passenger/bike ferry and cost £2.00 for the 15 minute journey across the Thames.

Luckily Dad had done a shop in Gravesend so he has pilchards for tea (well it is a Friday!). I don't think he is going to venture out of the campsite tonight in case he can't find it again!

He is heading off Whitstable way tomorrow. Just got a text off him to say the best thing about today was he'd found a pair of sunglasses!

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