Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Spoke to Dad. He'd only just got to the campsite at Slapton (6.45),_Devon. He decided to push on a bit and carry on to the CC campsite at Slapton. He is staying two nights so that he can have a wash day tomorrow. He's had a good day today on the bike and the weather has been great. It's been pretty hilly day again. Most towns/villages are down at sea level so he has the descent down and then there is the climb back out of them again.

Dad had a good night last night. He found there was a pub just off the campsite so he nipped in and found they had footie on so he had a couple of pints and watched the game. It was a "late" night and he didn't get in til 10.30!

Today's route has taken him back into Otterton and onto Budleigh Salterton which had many tea-shops and cafes but it was too early for a morning stop. He headed onto Exmouth and thought there might have been a ferry over to Dawlish. However he couldn't find any sign of one so headed off into Exeter where he picked up Exe Valley trail along the River Exe. He got a bit lost on the route into Exeter and had to ask several people for directions (not entirely sure how you get lost cycling along the edge of a river!). Once in Exeter Dad cycled along the quayside. He then picked up the A379 onto Powderham, Starcross where he again picked up the Exe Valley Trail to Dawlish (he found that there was a ferry that ran across to Exmouth - but it was doubtful if he'd got his bike on it without taking off the panniers). It was then onto Teignmouth, Paignton and Torquay (both of which were extremely busy and crowded) and on into Brixham. It was then another hilly ride to the ferry across the river. The ferryman got chatting to Dad and asking him how far he had ridden. I think he was a bit shocked when Dad said he'd clocked over 3,000 miles on the bike! It was then into Dartmouth. Slapton is a few miles out of Dartmouth,_Devon.

Dad hasn't had his usual bacon buttie today as he never found anywhere to have one! On the menu tonight is chicken curry and mushrooms followed by rice pudding and bananas. He might even pop out for a pint as there is a pub close by.

Tomorrow is a rest day from the bike so Dad is off to Dartmouth on the bus!

Forgot to mention Dad's useful tip of the day yesterday ... he cleaned out his water bottle of all the green gunge by putting some small pebbles in it, half filling with water and shaking it like a maraca. Amazingly when he washed it out all the green gunge had gone!

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