Sunday, August 2, 2009


Tonight Dad is camping at Hollesley ... this campsite I've found him has all the facilities including a duck pond!!!

Weather was bad last night. It rained from 5.00 pm til about 10.00 pm so Dad never made it out of the tent and down to Southwold. He even cooked up in the tent. Luckily he had the bike mags to read. By this morning all the rain had passed and today has been a lovely day out on the bike.

Today's route took him from Southwold and into Wenhaston and then Dunwich where he stopped to have a look around the Greyfriars priory. The area around there is a haven for bird watchers. From there it was onto Westleton and Leiston where he stopped for a bacon buttie! It was then onto Aldeburgh which was very busy and touristy. He then skirted around Sizewell Power Station. Lunch stop was at Snape Street overlooking Snape Maltings concert hall. It was then on through Tunstall (that means there are at least three of them!!) but there was nothing more than a Church and a sign post! It was then through the lanes to Orford and onto Hollesley.

He met a couple of hikers along the way who just happened to be in the camper van next to Dad when he pitched his tent. They got chatting about what Dad was doing and the hikers said "oh you ought to get in touch with the local press". Dad replied "I'm in the Observer today" and off one of them went and came out the camper van with a copy of the Observer! Dad hadn't even seen the article at this stage! Two glasses of whiskey later Dad left their camper van :)

Dad is cooking up tonight ... someone had left a tin of Ravioli and a tin of green beans (in the showers of all places!!!) and not wanting to see any waste Dad is having them for tea!

Tomorrow he is heading for Clacton-on-Sea area.

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  1. Hi, We've just returned from having the privilege of meeting Jack in Hollesley. So pleased that he got the ferry safely to Harwich. We have two photos of Jack in Hollesley, do you want them on the blog and if so, how do I send them to you? Have you got an email address that I can send to?
    Please let him know that if he's stuck for accommodation in the Brighton area, my daughter said she would be delighted to let him stay at their gaff (bit of a commune!). I've given him her phone number.
    Best of luck for the rest of the journey.
    Jean Quinn
    Looking forward to reading about the rest of his journey.