Friday, August 21, 2009

Downderry (Looe)

Just spoken to Dad. He is in place called Downderry which is about five miles from Looe. He couldn't get a signal on the campsite but someone told him that you could get a signal down on the beach. You could even hear the waves breaking! His pulled muscle is ok ... apparently it only hurts when he walks on it! He didn't make it to the pub last night. Instead he got chatting to some people in a camper van on the site who kindly charged up his mobile for him.

Dad is camping on a nudist campsite at Downderry (yes you read that right). Dad thought it was a bit strange when he arrived at the camp and you had to ring a bell and the owner came and opened the gate. The owner explained that it was a family nudist site but you didn't have to take your clothes off! There is also nudist beach. The site also has a jacuzzi and swimming pool as well but you do have to strip off to use those! Dad said there were naked peopled wandering around the camp but Dad has decided to keep covered up ... for one thing his cycling tan lines make him look like a zebra and another he'd got his coat on as it was a bit of a chilly evening!!!

Dad negotiated a cheaper rate on the site. It was usually £20 a night but Dad got it for £10 - well he's only got a small one (we are talking tents now!!!!).

Today the weather has been showery and Dad had his lunch in a bus shelter out of the rain.

Today's route has taken him through Blackpool and along Blackpool beach - this Blackpool had no tower though! The beaches between Slapton and Stokenham were used by the American for practising the D-Day landings He then picked up the A379 through to Kingsbridge. He stopped in Modbury for his usual bacon bap. He then continued onto Yealmpton, Brixton and into Plymouth Dad cycled around the Barbican and past the Mayflower. He then headed for Devonport and the ferry. He'd calculated it to be 2 miles away but came across a sign that said 12 miles - someone had altered the sign! Dad caught the car ferry to Torpoint (free for bikers). He then picked up the B3247 through Crafthole and Portwrinkle (and Portwrinkle Beach which is close to the nudist beach!) and onto Downderry.

Tonight on the menu is fish and chips which is being served on the campsite at 7.30. I don't suppose there is a need to "dress for dinner" on a nudist camp :) Today Dad stopped off in Aldi and picked up a few provisions. He thought he'd picked up a packet of chocolate chip cookies. In actual fact he'd picked up a packet of cookie biscuit mix and he needed to bake them. Bit of a problem when you only have one primus! As he'd opened the packet before he realised he couldn't take it back. He tried to give a couple of people. One bloke said "if I can't fry it I can't cook it". Eventually someone took it off his hands!

So all and all an eventful day!


  1. it was nice to chat with you and see that you have moved on i am bck home now holliday over good luck on thw rest of your journy jack "from rat"

  2. hey jack i met you in carbeil naturist park i was the one who told you about the signal on the beach (my dad was the naturist not me ha.)nice chatting to you funny storys and nice storys about your dad doubling your money and your chocolate chips haha good luck with the rest of the journey. leigh and philip

  3. I regard myself as a nudist. But with the things people get up to on these beaches now, I am now planning to lobby MPs and local authorities to outlaw nudism. I am now planning to give up the naked life and go back to textile!