Monday, August 24, 2009

Lands End

Well Dad has made it to Land's End. He's had quite an easy day on the bike today clocking up about 25 miles so he got there just after lunch. He's also met up with his friend (Andy Machin) who is also camping on the same site. Dad has now got the spare wheel release key for his bike and in return Andy is going to bring back all the stuff Dad no longer needs! I hope it's all clean and washed!!

Weather hasn't been great with a couple of rain showers. However last night the weather had been very wet and windy and the all-singing, all-dancing Millet's tent had let in a bit of water! So once Dad had pitched up today he got everything out to dry.

Today's route took him from Godolphin Cross, Goldsithney and into Marazion From Marazion you get excellent views of St Michael's Mount's_Mount (I remember going there as kid!). From Marazion Dad picked up cycle route 3 which took him along the sea front and straight into Penzance Just as he was approaching Penzance the helicopter from the Isles of Scilly was just landing. Dad was impressed with Penzance which was very biker friendly. From there he headed onto Newlyn where Dad has his first Cornish Pastie of his trip. He wasn't overly impressed and would have preferred a bacon buttie! It was then onto Mousehole where they were holding a bath-tub race across the bay. He then picked up B3315 straight down to Land's End's_End.

Dad was more impressed with Land's End than John o'Groats. Cars needed to pay £4.00 to park but it was free for bikes. There was also a free model village. Dad had the customary photos taken. At the same time Dad had arrived another guy on a bike (and trailer) had arrived. He was also have his photos taken and "celebrating". At one point he took everything off his bike and was having his photo taken holding his bike over his head. Dad did think he was going a bit over the top in his celebrations - well unless he'd just cycled around the world or something! Dad had lunch at Land's End and had his photo taken at the first/last cafe.

He then headed off to find the campsite. Tonight the fish and chip van will be on the campsite. After that he is for a drink (or two) with Andy.

Tomorrow he is heading to St Agnes/Perrenporth area.

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