Monday, August 10, 2009


Dad hasn't gone far today on the bike as he needed to get the back wheel sorted. As he'd got a relatively easy day ahead of him he had a lie in until 8.00 and was off on the road for 9.30.

Today's route took him from Martin Mill to St Margaret's at Cliffe and South Foreland He then picked up minor roads into Dover. Had great views of the Harbour and Castle. From Dover he picked up B roads into Folkestone He did have a bit of trouble finding the campsite again! He asked two postmen. The second one put him in the right direction. Now camping at the Warren campsite which is tents only due to the narrow road down to the site.

Took a couple of hours to sort out the bike so Dad had a wander around Folkestone and had time for lunch and a pint of Guinness in Weatherspoons. Dad now has the spokes sorted, a new tyre and inner tube and is £59.00 worse off!

Tomorrow he is heading off to the Eastbourne area.

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