Thursday, August 20, 2009

Slapton (day 2)

Today Dad has had a day off the bike. He got his washing sorted first thing. He purchased a couple of soap tablets from the camp shop and headed off to the laundry. He piled all his washing in and started the wash and found he'd still got the two washing tablets in his hand (and they needed to be in the drum!). A woman in the laundry came to his rescue as she had some liquid soap that he could add in the tray! Dad exchanged her some liquid for his two tablets.

Washing done he caught the bus from the campsite back into Dartmouth. Spent a few hours around the harbour and watching the boats on the River Dart. He then caught the ferry to Kingswear and had his lunch in the Dart Hotel (I bet they don't do bacon butties!). He then caught another bus onto Brixham Had a good walk around the town and the habour. He met a couple in Brixham from the campsite so they all headed back to campsite together. Dad was pushing it a bit for time to catch the bus back and "jogged" for the bus and thinks he might have pulled a muscle in his leg! Cycles over 3,000 miles and pulls a muscle in a short jog! Hopefully it will have sorted itself out by tomorrow.

He's glad he's had today off the bike as it's been pretty wind (which would have been a head wind). Tomorrow is he heading for Plymouth region.

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