Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dover (Martin Mill)

Dad is currently north east of Dover in a place called Martin Mill He's had a great day on the bike today ... weather has been great and he is now back on coastal roads.

Last night he went off to the pub and had liver and onions (sounds as appetising as duck and chicken dog food if you ask me!!). There was only Dad and the landlord in. Dad tried to strike up a conversation with the landlord but it was hardwork. Dad ordered his food at 7.00 and he got it at 7.50! What would it have been like if it had been a crowded pub! Another family came in and that was about it! Mind you it didn't sound a very friendly pub.

Today's route has taken him from Dunkirk through the lanes to Yorkletts, Seasalter. It was than back on the coast through to Whitstable From Whitstable he cycled along the prom to Herne Bay,_Kent where he got chatting to another cyclist who informed Dad it was the Vintage bus parade today. The cyclist even took Dad for a look around the buses. Dad also managed time for his bacon buttie! From there he picked up the A299/28 into Margate. He then picked up the Viking Coast trail ( ) to Broadstairs passing by North Foreland and the lighthouse. Broadstairs had ground to a halt due the Folk Festival . Traffic was gridlocked and even Dad had to get off his bike and walk/push his bike along with all the pedestrians. It was then onto Ramsgate which had a replica Viking ship called Hugin. It was then on to Sandwich where he picked up the toll road (bikes went free) to Deal and then through to Martin Mill.

The campsite he is on is £15.00 a night! Tomorrow is heading over to Folkestone to get the spokes fixed in his wheel.

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  1. Hugin is one of Odin's (ruler of the Norse gods) two ravens. The other being Munin. They flew through the Nine Worlds and bought news to Odin.

    See I know all the stuff, that's why I need a viking funeral!