Friday, March 29, 2013

The photos ...

Well Dad isn't "advanced" in the digital technology world. He took a couple of disposable cameras with him to Vietnam. He dropped them off at the local Asda to be developed. Not only are they disposable cameras, they are disposable photos as well. He collected them from the Photo Centre and then proceeded to leave them in the trolley. He remembered a few hours later and zipped back to Asda. Went and asked at Customer Services and no one had handed them in. Went and asked at the Photo Centre and no one had handed them in. Went and spoke to one of the trolley lads and they went and searched the trolleys .... and thankfully they were still in the trolley!

They are not brilliant quality, they never are from disposable cameras.  However Dad has received photos from others in the group and I'll hopefully post a few of on here in the next few days.

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