Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day 8 Hoi An

Got a quick text off Dad this morning that said ... "just a quick one, we are out for a evening meal soon. We are now in Hoi An and staying at the Hoi An hotel. Cycled just 30 kms today and had around 7 hours on the coach". It finished off - will text later .... and I've not heard anything since.

Just checked out the hotel ... he's probably signed up for one of the Cooking Classes :)

However I did receive the following photo from Damien taken on the Nhon Hoi bridge across the Thi Nai peninsular. It is the longest sea bridge in Vietnam with a length of 2477.3 metres (not as long as The Golden Gate Bridge he cycled over though.)

Damien and Dad

The following is the itinerary from Exodus

Day 8 (Day 9 Ex London) Quy Nhon to Hoi An

Leaving Quy Nhon we travel through a new economic zone over the
Thi Nai Peninsula and Nhon Hoi Bridge, the longest sea bridge in
Vietnam. Getting off our bikes we will visit a market, where its not
unusual to be pulled aside for a photo as this part of the country does
not see many western tourists. The coast line features secluded bays` sand dunes and beaches with colourful fishing boats bobbing on the
South China Sea. We will cycle until we arrive at Phu Ly and then drive to Hoi An. If time permits, we will cycle the last 12 km once we turn
off Highway 1 into Hoi An.

Hoi An, the original European trading port in Vietnam dating back
to the mid-sixteenth century is now a living museum, with attractive
wooden merchant's houses and pagoda-style temples with Chinese,
Japanese, Vietnamese and European architectural influences. It is also a marvellous place to wander around and enjoy the thriving riverside
market. We spend two nights in Hoi An which is also a fantastic place
to buy local art or have some clothes tailor-made for you. Its best to
bring a picture or a sample of what you want made. Approx 6 hour in
the bus today. Ride approx. 50 km.

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  1. Hoi An is so pretty! Definitely was one of my favourite places when I visited Vietnam :)