Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 26 - heading back to Hanoi

Dad text me this morning to say "yes he gets back on Sunday". What's he like ! At least he's not got to worry about going back to work on Monday though. There'll be an empty seat on the National Express on Saturday unless he texts me back with his ticket number so that I can swap it.

He went out for a set menu evening meal last night. Five courses and they all came at the same time! The meal and beer was only £3.00. You'd just about get a pint of beer here for £3.00.

He's had no luck hiring a bike, plenty of scooters but no bikes. Don't think he's done much cycling this last couple of weeks.

Today he's been for a walk around Sa Pa and found the plumbers merchants. I bet he went in for a look around. He'll be coming home with a tub of Boss White and half a dozen washers.  He's also been for a walk around a lake. He's started heading back now and caught the local bus from Sa Pa to Loa Cai. Apparently he got a seat with the driver so had great views! The local mountain people work very hard on the hillsides which are terraced for growing food. There are footpaths that go way up into the mountains.

He'll catch the overnight bus back to Hanoi. Hope he's got decent seat where he can sleep. Hopefully it won't take 19 hours get back!

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