Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 25 - back in Sa Pa

Dad's few days in the villages/homestay came to an end today and his plan was to have an overnight stay in Sa Pa and then catch the train back to Hanoi.

This morning his breakfast comprised of six pancakes but Dad only managed eat two so he offered the others to a young lad, aged about 10 who was carrying a big basket of wood. The lad ate the lot ! Dad then got a scooter taxi but his helmet was too big. Every bump they went over the helmet would slide down over his eyes! If that was me I'd be too scared to let go to push the helmet back up !

Dad visited the Cat Cat village . There was dancing and music show which Dad enjoyed.  Hope Dad didn't partake in this local custom !

Tourists to Cat Cat are most attracted by its unique customs, including the custom of "pulling wife". A man can ask his friends to lure a girl he likes to his house and keeps her there in three days. During these days, if the girl agrees to become his wife, a wedding will be held. However, the girl can happily go home after three days if she does not like him.
He was back at the hotel in Sa Pa by lunchtime. Still non the wiser what the hotel is called as when Dad gave me the name last time and I looked it up, the only thing I found was Vietnamese coffee!

Dad has had a change of plan and may catch the sleeper bus from Sa Pa. If he catches the train he first has to get a bus from Sa Pa to Loi Cai and then catch a train, plus he'll have the hassle of then trying to get his bed on the train.  I was starting to panic thinking he needed to get back to Ho Chi Minh City but his return flight is from Hanoi, so he may as well stay in and around Sa Pa rather than going back into the city.  Mind you I'm a bit confused as to when he's actually coming home. His itinerary shows he leaves KL on 23 March at 23.55 and arrives Heathrow at 05.25 +1 (where +1 denotes next day). The note he's left about what time his coach arrives back in town says back 23 March at 2.30. I'm useless when it comes to working out times but something doesn't add up here !

Dad's plan for tomorrow is to hire a bike as he's met a biker who has hired one in Sa Pa.

I also received a postcard off Dad today - it's still nice to get a good old fashioned postcard.

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