Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 17 - Cat Ba Island

Was starting to think Dad had been captured by pirates .... he'd text yesterday to say it's 5.30 and we are still at sea and then I heard nothing else !  Had visions of being asked to pay ransom or Dad walks the plank !

This morning at work I heard the familiar text alert on my "Dad" phone (long story ... he seems to have blocked me on my normal phone) and was expecting the ransom details .... but it was Dad. He'd arrived on Cat Ba at 6.00pm last night and managed to find a small hotel, with no stars! His text says the hotel is called Xuan Hong hotel, but they only place I can find on Cat Ba of that name is a floating restaurant!  The room is good and has balcony and the sea front is only 200yds away (so it can't be the floating restaurant!). Cost is only £5.00 a night.

He's managed to hire a bike today and was away by 9.00 am. He had lunch in a small village and the family tried to marry Dad off to their mother-in-law ... not sure what is worse pirates or proposals of marriage!  Anyway Dad declined the offer.

He got back to the hotel about 4.00 pm having done around 50 kms.  I'd text him to say how cold it is here at the moment and he text back to say it's currently 30 degrees!


  1. Sounds great apart from the seafood meals. I could definitely go for an Exodus trip to Vietnam otherwise. Or Cuba! Oh Lotto make this week the week please.

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