Sunday, March 24, 2013

He's back !

Got a text, a missed phone call on my mobile, a voicemail on my mobile and a call on my landline .... yes Dad got back early this morning!

He managed swap his National Express ticket for £5.00 for a coach today - and they wanted to charge me £51.00 to do the same thing !

I arrange to meet him in Hanley. I got there with 10 minutes to spare and parked up. I could see the coaches arriving. I was messing around on my mobile and noticed a National Express coach pull up with "Birmingham" on the side. I watched as a few people get off but no Dad. I waited a few more minutes in the car and still no Dad. So I went over to the coach and got on, thinking Dad may have nodded off on the coach. I said to the driver that I was expecting my Dad to be on the coach and I had a quick look around - the folks in the front seats are giving me funny looks. Then the coach driver tells me it's the coach from Manchester going to Birmingham. Wrong coach so I make a speedy exist off! No sooner as I'd got back to the car then Dad's coach turns up.

36 hours of travelling and he's home to be greeted by freezing temperaturs and several inches of snow!  He's had a great time. Got a bit of a tan and in need of a hair cut/beard trim. A brew and a good nights sleep and he'll fill me in with all the stories. 

We've had around 1,700 hits on the blog while he's been away from all over the world including Vietnam, USA, Germany, Russia, Sinapore to name just a few. Hope it's inspired a few to get on their bikes and head off somewhere. You're never too old to ride your bike.

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