Saturday, March 9, 2013

Day 14 - off the itinerary now !

Received a couple of texts off Dad this morning. They'd had a good farewell party last night as it was the last day of the tour. Dad's plan now is to have a couple of days in Hanoi. He's staying at Thien Thai - well it is the best boutique hotel in Hanoi ! He's paying $45 dollars (approx £30) for B&B. He's not going to hire a bike as it's much too busy on the roads. On Sunday he'll catch a bus back to Halong Bay, book himself a hotel and hire a bike for a couple of days.

Today he's had a walk around the Hoan Kiem lake in the old district of Hanoi. He stopped off for lunch (£1.00!). He then saw the rest off the group off to the airport. He then spent a few hours at the military museum. Weather is good, 26 degrees.

Will keep you posted.

I take no responsibility for accuracy in these blog posts, there is a great deal of guess work involved in trying to decipher Dad's texts.

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