Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 18 - Cat Ba Island

Received a text off Dad early this morning to say he'd used the ATM for the first time. First one he tried, no luck. The second one he tried, no luck. The third one he tried he managed to get £6.00 out and managed to get his finger stuck in the ATM (heaven's knows how!) trying to get the rest of the money out!  Quite a bit of blood apparently and he had to go get the lady from the bank to help. In the end he managed to get £60 out!  So Dad is walking round with "blood" money at the moment.  I've got visions of Nepal all over again!

Received another text later this morning to say that Dad had hired a private guide to Cat Ba National Park. He was picked up by scooter but this time he did get a helmet. Had a bit of a scare when I read the next line of the text which said "went to a hospital .... " as I thought he might have fallen off the scooter, but the text continued ".... hospital cave that was used in the war". It is three floor building, so it must be a big cave! His tour continued to Giao Forest where he climbed a 250 metre mountain with a watch tower at the top.

He was back to the hotel by 5.00 pm. Tomorrow he is heading back to Haiphong on the mainland but this time via the fast ferry which takes just 45 minutes.

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