Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day 21 - He made it to Sa Pa

Had a couple of texts off Dad. He caught the mini-bus to Sa Pa at 8.00 pm and 19 hours later he arrived! It did stop off a few times for food and a visit to a temple where they burnt paper horses - sounds interesting! I think they must have been on slow roads as Dad did say that at times they were only travelling at 15 mph! Sa pa is just over 200 miles from Hanoi - travelling that distance in the UK would probably take 3 - 4 hours .... unless you are travelling on the M6 and then it is probably 6 !

The last part of the journey from Lao Cai they climbed 1600 metres up to to Sa Pa. He said he'd booked into the Trung Nguyen hotel but when I tried to find this it came back saying "Trung Nguyen" is Vietnamese coffee!   Weather is much cooler. Tonight he was out for a meal with 18 Vietnamese people who he'd travelled with on the mini-bus with. Only one of them speaks a little English. That will be an interesting night out for Dad!  Hope Dad doesn't pick dog off the menu!

On Saturday Sa Pa is a thriving market town where local villagers flock and many wear traditional dress.

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