Sunday, March 17, 2013

Day 22 - Sa Pa

Received a couple of texts of Dad. He had a good meal last night in Sa Pa with the group of Vietnamese people. One of the group spoke a little English. No doubt there was a lot of talk very slowly and arms flapping from Dad ! After the meal he went for a walk about town. He said there where "thousands of folk" walking the streets on Saturday night looking for their "match" ... what's up with these folk have they not heard of Internet dating sites !!! Sa Pa is obviously pretty busy at weekends and from what I can tell from his text his hotel was a bit on the noisy side! This morning he's been out for breakfast - pancakes, honey, coffee and a bowl of fruit all for £5.00 which for the Vietnamese people is quite expensive. Dad is intending to have a couple of days in and around Sa Pa and will catch the train back to Hanoi.

Received another text later on to say that he booked himself a 3 day, 2 night stay in one of the lower level outlying villages. He's out on Monday and on Wednesday he'll return back to Sa Pa. Today he's been for a big walk in and around Sa Pa and was grateful he'd packed his trainers. Lots of women in very colourful clothing from the mountain villages selling things on the streets.  Doesn't seem to be much cycling going on though!

Apparently Dad's beard is getting a lot of attention as Vietnamese men don't grow them.

Many thanks to James and his brother Burt for getting Dad to Sa Pa and looking after him.

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