Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 24 - Giang Ta Chai.

Dad caught up with me with a few texts today. He had a great meal last night with Peter and Elizabeth from Paris who are also staying at the same home.  They chatted over various holidays they'd done. Just hope Peter and Elizabeth are good at English as Dad's French is not that good !

This morning he's had the best breakfast so far while in Vietnam- pancakes, honey, banana and coffee. You can't beat good old fashioned home cooking !  A late start today for Dad as the walk did not start til 10.30. He then walked for a couple of hours on that "mina road" again (minor roads) to the village of Giang Ta Chai. Dad not that happy as he'd arrived there by 12.30 which is a mere stroll for Dad!  So after lunch Dad went for a walk in the bamboo forest. Lots of big colourful butterflies. Dad said there is not much wild life in Vietnam as most is eaten !

He also been for a swim in the river with the local children.

I'm assuming that he's having another Homestay tonight with the locals.

Found this cool 360 photo of Giang Ta Chai

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