Monday, March 18, 2013

Day 23 - Ta Van Village

Received a text off Dad this morning which I was surprised about. I thought maybe as he moved further into the mountains he'd start losing reception on his phone. That's not been the case. There has not been a day when he hasn't been able to text.

Dad met up with his guide this morning and they walked out of Sa Pa on the "Mina Road" which probably isn't the name of the road but he meant a minor road ! He then picked up the scooter tour bus. Not sure what Dad meant by this! Was it a scooter or was it a bus ??? They did a two hour tour before stopping for lunch in Lao Chai.

Dad said many of the mountain ladies follow him to try and sell things ! After lunch they had a one hour walk to Ta Van village. He will be staying with locals in their home. Very basic. Mattress on the floor, wc and shower. There are also a French couple staying as well. They will also eat with the family in the home.

Found this photo of Ta Van village

He'd just been for a walk to the river water bed and watched a local man fishing. He said the weather is still hot in the mountains - I think he's just rubbing it in as it is so cold here at the moment.

Found the following on Trip Advisor about a company that do Homestay at Ta Van village. Think this is the sort of thing Dad is doing. Sounds right up Dad's street !

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