Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekly Summary - week 16 - The final week!

Just finished totting up the final few days.

Day 106 Tudweilog to Conwy 50 miles
Day 107 Conway to Flint 50 miles
Day 108 Flint to Chester 60 miles
Day 109 Chester to Home 45 miles

I make that to be 205 miles covered bring the total mileage to cycle around the coast of Britain to be 4,534 miles! That's some achievement.

Dad weighed himself when he got home and he's lost about a one stone in weight (6.5 kgs). So he had better start feeding himself up because there wasn't much of him when he set off! First night he slept in his own bed he woke up with cramp!!!!

I did ask Dad if he'd got a tally of how many bacon baps/sandwiches/all day breakfast he'd had but he hadn't been keeping a note! I reckon out of the 109 days he was away there were only a handful he'd not managed to get one! I did ask him on Friday when he'd done his weekly shop in Asda if he stayed for an all day breakfast! He can't find anything in the house ... he's been hunting around for his porridge and thought he'd run out so bought some more. Whilst he was looking for his saucepans he found the porridge!

Got a few more photos to post.

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