Saturday, September 12, 2009


Dad is now in Porthmadog He's had an easy day on the bike today, only clocking up 20 miles! He is staying with friends (Beryl & Terry Dean). In fact he his staying in his own flat over looking the estuary. When he rang he was sitting on the balcony enjoying the late afternoon sunshine - what a life!

He had a good night last night. Got chatting to a couple of people in the pub .... of course he found himself a cyclist to chat to!

Today's route took him on a tour of Shell Island before he left. He then headed back into Llanbedr and took the B'roads up through Harlech He stopped off in Harlech for a bacon buttie. He then had a wander round and sat for awhile outside the castle. He then headed for Talsarnau. He then biked on the Toll Road (free for bikes) and into Porthmadog. He tried to get a tyre for his bike but still no luck! He had lunch and then meet up with his friends at 2.00 p.m.

This afternoon he has been drinking tea and eating cake and enjoying the weather and the views!

On the menu tonight is a meal (cooked by Beryl and Terry) and wine!! He then has a night in a proper bed!

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