Thursday, September 17, 2009

The final leg of the journey

Well Dad is home! He got into Keele just after 3.30 pm (he couldn't arrive earlier as I was busy!!). So today was a leisurely day on the bike. He had a lie in this morning. He got chatting to Richard and Sandy in the campervan which was parked next to him. They had a tandem and Dad had never had a go on one. So Richard very kindly took him on a ride down the lanes. Dad was on the back. He said it was strange not being in control of the bike! I think Dad ought to cycle around the coast again but this time on a tandem. I can be on the back with a camera so we could record it all - I am only kidding! Dad then packed up his Millets tent - which has served him well over the last few months. Richard very kindly made Dad a cup of tea.

Today's route took Dad through the lanes to Tarvin
and Tarporley village. It was then into Beeston and the cyclists cafe for a bacon bap and a coffee (I think he'll be having bacon bap withdrawal symptoms!). It was then through the lanes to Bunbury, Burland and into Nantwich Dad stopped for lunch in The Vaults (pub). He sat outside to people watch and to keep an eye on his bike - he wouldn't want to get it nicked so close to home! After lunch it was a slow ride through the lanes to Wynbunbury and Wrinehill and then into Keele. Quite a few friends and family had turned up to welcome Dad home. Dad had a celebratory beer, coffee and a bottle of wine for later! Thanks everyone who turned up - really appreciated.

Dad is now home!!! I bet he can't wait to get into his own bed.

For tea he is using up what's left .... unfortunately no cup-a-soup on the menu as he's run out!!! However he's got a packet of 3 minute noodles, flapjack and nuts. I should have got him a tin of Pedigree Chum and left it on the table for him!!

We will tally up the last few stats soon but he has weighed his bike when he got in as he's been asked many times how much it weighs and its 70 lb (roughly 32 kg).

I will also some post some photos.

Thanks to everyone who has kept reading the blog. I hope you've all enjoyed it. I'll continue to update it so keep popping back.


  1. Well done Jack, hope The Plough was O.K. It was lovely to meet you and nice to know you are home. Best wishes, Ray Hardman

  2. Congratulations Jack. I've followed your progress since we first met in the car park alongside Loch Torridon and you asked if I had Wimbledon on the car radio. Well done on the blog too, Kendie. Adrian from Chester