Thursday, September 10, 2009

No phone signal again (edited - he was in Machynlleth)

Not heard from Dad tonight. I assume he's in a Asda/Vodafone black spot again! He was heading for Machynlleth and I've checked on the Vodafone coverage map and it's very patchy.

I'll update when I hear off him.

11/9/09 Update
Spoke to Dad this morning. As thought he was in Machynlleth I've got to the stage where I don't worry if I don't hear from him now! He'd just stopped off for a coffee to try and get warm as it was a chilly morning and turned his phone on and had got a signal!

Last night he was camping about 8 miles outside Machynlleth in a place called Furnace. No mobile phone signal, no phone box and no pub! He'd had some bike problems yesterday. His gears had gone funny and instead of 24 he was limited to just 8! He stopped off in Aberystwyth and got chatting to a bloke and was asking if there was anywhere that did bike repairs. It turned out that the bloke had lived and worked (as a policeman) in Stoke for many years! He still had a sister that lived in Hanley! Anyway Dad got directions to Andy's Bike Shop in the market to get his bike sorted. They fixed the gears and a couple of broken spokes and gave it a service and was going to charge Dad a tenner. He gave them £15.00! However he still has not managed to get a new tyre.

Yesterday route took him on the A487 to Aberaeron. He then picked up lanes through to Aberath, Llanon where he found a cafe for his bacon bap. It was then onto Aberystwyth where he had lunch whilst they were sorting out his bike. He then picked up B roads through to Borth but as it was only 3.00 pm when he arrived and the hostel didn't open til 5.00 pm so he carried on to Furnace which is also the site of a restored furnace and water wheel (which belonged to the Kendall's!!).

Forgot to ask what was on the menu for tea last night!

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