Thursday, September 3, 2009

Penmaen (Gower)

Dad is camping in Penmaen on the Gower Peninsula. Its been a very windy day out on the bike today .... blustery and gales. So when given the choice of a pitch with a sea view or one in shelter Dad opted for the sheltered one! Wise choice.

Last night it did stop raining so Dad ventured out of the B&B and found a fish & chip restaurant and had fish, chips and mushy peas followed by a pint!

He left Porthcawl this morning after a hearty fry-up in the B&B (that's three mornings on the trot!) and headed for the sea-front. The wind was really fierce and it was a battle to ride the bike. Dad headed for Kenfig and then Pyle and headed towards Port Talbot. The A48 ran alongside the M4 and at one point motorway traffic was crossing over the A48. Dad decided to push his bike across the road instead of trying to ride it - sounds a bit dicey if you ask me! Dad was just sorting out his maps when a Welshman asked him where he was heading for. Dad explained Swansea so the Welshman gave him directions on cycle routes to keep him off the roads. Dad picked up a canal and cycled along sheltered out of the wind for about 4 miles. He then stopped and asked an Irishman (there is no Scotsman in this story!!) how to get off the canal and into Swansea. Dad had only gone the wrong way down the canal and was now 8 miles out of Swansea in a place called Neath! So Dad headed back into Swansea on roads this time. He cycled passed Amazon Distribution Centre which was huge! He then saw signs for cycle route 4 and headed off along that. A few miles down the road he passed Amazon Distribution Centre again ... yes he gone off in the wrong direction again! He sorted it out and managed to get into the outskirts of Swansea He then asked a cyclist for directions to the Mumbles. The cyclists said I'm heading that way is it ok if I cycle with you! So Dad had company for about 7 miles. It turned out he lived locally and pointed out to Dad where Tammy Wynette lived and where Katherine Zeta Jones' mum lived! From Mumbles Head Dad headed to Parkmill and onto Penmaen.

Tonight on the menu is beans and sausage followed by rice pudding.

Tomorrow Dad is heading for Carmarthen

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