Thursday, September 24, 2009

Been home a week ...

Doesn't time fly ... Dad has been home a week! He's been keeping busy though. Bike panniers have been off to be repaired. Bike seriously needs some TLC. Not much chance of that though. He was out riding with the Wednesday Wheelers yesterday. There was only Dad and Dave & Anne (who were on the tandem) out! They stopped off at PJ's Transport Cafe in Burton ... guess what Dad had - yes a full English Breakfast!!

However this weekend he is taking a rest from the bike and is out working those other leg muscles as he is walking in Yorkshire Dales. I dont suppose it will be a leisurely couple of mile walk either!

Dad has also signed up for Brian Rourke's Cat & Fiddle ride on Sunday 4th October so anyone out doing the ride give him a shout! I mean they think getting Sean Kelly is headline news .... wait til they see the name Jack Allen on the start list! Now that will pull the crowds in!

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