Monday, September 7, 2009

St Davids (day 2)

Today was a rest day ... well not so much of a rest as he had lots of chores to do. First off was the washing and drying - which took two and a half hours! Once done he headed off into St Davids http://'s. He met a fellow cyclists en-route who cycled with Dad (Phil James). They got chatting and he turned out that Phil had married a girl from Longton so they had lots to chat about!

Once in St Davids he had a look around the Cathedral's_Cathedral and Bishops Palace and then had some lunch. He did ring me on my mobile but by the time I'd stopped the car Dad had switched off his phone!! He did leave me a message though. Whilst in town Dad also got his haircut ... it cost him £10 !!!! He should have asked the price before he got it cut. Dad also text Mike Carter (from the Observer) who just happened to be cycling into St Davids on route 4. So Dad headed off along the route and they met up and had a quick chat. They are hoping to me tomorrow for breakfast at the Tourist Information Centre in St Davids.

Dad got chatting to a guy on the campsite this morning and it turns out his wife is from the Fenton area - it's a small world!!

There is no mobile signal on the campsite but Dad rang me just before he got to the tent.

On the menu tonight is steak and a tin of butter beans followed by rice pudding. I did ask Dad to check to make sure it wasn't a tin of dog food before he opened it!

(If any of the Cycle 2000 lads from the Wayfarer are reading this Dad is hoping to catch up with you over the next day or so - he'll be on the coast road. Drop him a text as he rarely as his phone on or email me at kendieplonks at googlemail dot com if you haven't got his mobile number.)

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