Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not sure where!! (updated to Poppit Sands!)

Not heard from Dad tonight so I assume he is somewhere without a phone signal and no phone box! However I've had a few updates on his progress through the day off various people.

Mike Carter (Observer) text me earlier to say he'd met up with Dad for breakfast in St Davids. Dad told him about all the hills that were to come in the West County ... sometimes it's better not to know what lies ahead of you!

I then had a message off Nigel Martin. Nigel works in a coffee shop in Oceans Lab in Goodwick and Dad had stopped off for something to eat. They got chatting about cycling. Nigel is hoping to do the end to end at some point (see Nigel it's in print now!!!).

So I assume Dad is somewhere beyond Fishguard. I'd hazzard a guess at Newport area. Will update when I hear more.

Wednesday 09/09/09
Spoke to Dad this morning. He was in Poppit Sands YHA last night http://www.yha.org.uk/find-accommodation/wales/hostels/Poppit-Sands/index.aspx. As I thought, no phone signal and the phone in the hostel was broken! Weather had been bad - it had rained ALL day so Dad had decided on a bed for the night. It was lucky that he chose Poppit Sands as the lads from Cycle 2000 turned up (Geoff Cartlidge, Mike Barr, Mark Owen and John Leese). Hostel is in a lovely location but the weather was that bad that they couldn't really appreciate the location.

Tuesday morning Dad met up with Mike Carter in St Davids for breakfast ... well I say "breakfast" it was more like brunch by the time they left! They were also joined by Andrew a friend of Mike who did some filming/recording. After breakfast Dad headed off with a tail wind as Mike headed off into a head wind! The days route took him from St Davids and onto Goodwick where he had lunch in the coffee shop and met Nigel Martin (see above). After lunch he headed onto Higher Fishguard and Lower Fishguard and into Newport. By this time it was only 3.30 and the hostel didn't open til 5.00 so he headed on to Poppit Sands http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poppit_Sands where he arrived about 5.30.

He picked up on a tin of full monty for his evening meal (beans, sausage and bacon).

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