Monday, September 14, 2009

Conwy (well almost)

Dad is a few miles short of Conwy Campsite is a bit basic - it has no hot water!! It might be basic but it has good views of Anglesey.

The route today took him from Tudweiliog to Newfyn. He then picked up a good cycle route that finished just before Caernarfon so he continued on the A487. He had an all day breakfast in in Caernarfon He then picked up Cycle Route 8 which is a disused railway through to Bangor,_Gwynedd where he had lunch. It was then on the busy A55 through to Bangor - the road had a hard shoulder to cycle on so Dad said even though it was busy road there was a distance from the traffic. From Bangor it was again on the A55 through to Conwy.

On the menu tonight cup-a-soup, chicken curry and butter beans followed by banana and custard!

Dad now thinks he might be back Thursday 17th September!! We are planning on having the finish line at Keele again.

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