Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Eureka Cyclists Cafe, the completion of the coast of Britain and into Chester

Dad has had a fantastic penultimate day on the bike. He is camping about three miles south of Chester in a place called Christleton.

This morning he set off from Flint heading towards Connah's Quay. A fellow cyclist got chatting to Dad en-route and said he was off to the Eureka Cyclists Cafe Dad had heard of the cafe but had never been. So they both headed off for the cafe. When they got there Dad was overwhelmed by how many cyclists were there. There must have been 60 or 70 from various clubs. Chris Boardman's Mum, Dad and sister were there and both his Mum and sister took time to congratulate Dad on what he had achieved. Dad also got chatting to lots of people who were interested in what he had done. He also had some photos taken. Dad picked up some advice on the best route and he followed the Wirral Way (Route 56) from Hooton to West Kirby. He then followed the coast road round to Holylake. It was then onto Wallesey. Dad had a strong head wind. Another cyclist (Steven who was a vicar) asked Dad if he could cycle with him. They cycled along for about half an hour. From Wallesey it was onto New Brighton, Seacombe and Birkenhead Dad had completed the coast of Britain!!! He had his photos taken and then headed back on the A41. He popped back into Eureka Cafe and signed the visitors book and left his blog details. He got chatting to Ray Hardman from Chester Road Club who cycled with Dad to the campsite.

Dad is heading off down the pub tonight ... probably to celebrate! So while I've been off watching the Tour of Britain that was in and around Stoke today Dad has completed his own Tour of the coast of Britain!

Tomorrow he will be heading back through Keele University between about 3.30 and 4.00 pm. The finish line will be just outside the School of Computing and Maths (Colin Reeves Building) which is Building 21 Map Ref G6

So destination now is home!


  1. just thought we would send our congratulations to jack!!!
    i will do it next!
    lots of love
    jacob (pete parkins grandson)
    he says well done too xxxx
    p.s thank you kendal for writing this blog we have really enjoyed reading it! we await the book!

  2. Hats off to Jack,
    Many congratulations on completing your tour around the british coast line.
    Well done Kendal for the blog and keeping us all updated on Jacks progress.
    I will miss the daily updates....untill the next challenge