Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Quay

Well I've spoken to Dad twice today! Once this morning and I updated yesterday's entry and again this evening. He is camping tonight on the CC site at New Quay http:// Today has been a great day on the bike as the weather has been good.

This morning Dad and the Cycle 2000 lads headed into Cardigan for breakfast. The Hostel is in a great place but it had a loads of steps down to it ... so this morning they had to carry all their gear and then their bikes out of the hostel. They arrived at the cafe at 8.50 so had to wait until it opened at 9.00! I spoke to Dad this morning just as the Cycle 2000 lads had headed off towards the Gower Peninsular and Dad was sitting waiting outside a bike shop for it to open! He needed a new tyre for his bike. Unfortunately they'd not got the right size so Dad is riding on with very little tread on his tyre!

Dad picked up the A487 to start with but soon picked up the small roads to Llangranog and then onto Cwmtydu Bay He stopped for lunch and met a fellow cyclist. They got chatting and Dad was asking where he was camping. He was staying on the CC site at New Quay. So Dad rode with him to the site. Dad got to the site at around 2.3 pm which was too early to check in. So he headed off down into New Quay to do some shopping and to look around. It was very hilly and Dad had a struggle pushing his bike up the hills!!! Dad got back to the site around 4.00 pm and pitched his tent.

Tonight on the menu has been a tin of Princess Steak in gravy (it's sounding a bit like dog food again!!!) and a tin of new potatoes. I feel much happier when he has a tin of curry as I know that's not going to be dog food!

Tonight he has been invited around to the caravan of the cyclist he met earlier for a glass of wine!

Tomorrow he is heading off towards Machynlleth.

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