Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lost Cap in Phang Nga !

At this rate my Dad will be way below his kg limit on the way home ... he's now lost cycling cap!  Apparently he went check out the room in a hotel, liked it and threw his hat on the bed as if to say "that's my bed" and then legged it back to find Dave! Between them checking in and getting back to the room someone must have come in and tidied up and now Dad's hat has gone!  So now they are trying to track down the missing hat.  Never a dull moment on holiday with my Dad.

Well today they have clocked 88 km (just under 55 miles) and they have made it over the bridge to Phang Nga and are currently staying at Phunga Hotel. The blurb of the hotel says ...."The hotel boasts luxurious accommodation with the finest facilities and located in beautiful natural surroundings which offers visitors peace and tranquility."  That sounds a bit posh for a couple of cyclists !  Made me smile as one of the amenities is listed as hot/cold shower .... is that a luxury?

They will now continue north east heading to the east coast tomorrow but it will probably take a couple of days get there.

I've updated the route so far - it's a bit of guess work and I'm relying on "directions" from Google maps but it gives you some idea of roughly where they are and where they've been.

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