Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Well Dad and Dave have "hit the road" and the cycle trip around Thailand has commenced. They are currently in Kamala which is only 10km up the road from Patong so it wasn't a long day in the saddle!  Tomorrow they are heading north past the airport and over the bridge to the mainland. They had just stopped for a "curry stop" and managed to get free wifi.

Food looking good !

Dad and Dave at the restaurant

Sounds like they have found some budget accommodation at 500 Bhat (approx £10.50) for the room but not wifi .... not surprising at that price ! Just been reading the blurb on Kamala and it says "with its quieter pace, over the last few years, Kamala has become a favoured spot for retirees" ... Dad will fit in quite well there :)

Got an update on Dad's mobile. He'd taken it down to breakfast with him. When he got back to the room he realised he'd not got his phone. Legged it back to the restaurant and the plastic bag he keeps his mobile phone in was there (it's his own mobile phone case!) but unfortunately the phone was gone :( The phone was worth very little - it's an extremely basic text and call only phone. Had around £30 of credit though but that won't last long if they are using it in Thailand. It's more of an inconvenience than anything else.

Edited to say just testing Google Maps - I think this was today's route.

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  1. Great update and fab photos!! No big loss on the phone however I can just see your Dad legging it down to the restaurant table to find just an empty plastic bag!!