Monday, February 27, 2012

Ko Samui

Got a text off Dad this morning. They have made it to Ko Samui. They set off at 6.30 am to avoid some of the heat but they some how managed to miss the ferry at 10.00 am so had to hang around for the 11.00 am one. I thought from yesterday's text there was only one ferry a day, obviously not!

On arriving at Ko Samui they enquired after a room at the Mai Samui Resort but at £250 a night they cycled on!  If nothing else look at the photo gallery at Mai Sumai Resort. I want to stay there!

They are now staying at a place called Bang Po to the north of the island. They have a bungalow by the sea forjust £7.00 per night!  They are staying on Ko Samui for a couple of nights.

Yesterday Dad managed to get a (in his words) a Thai Sunday dinner for 25p ... I bet that wasn't roast beef and yorkshire pud!

Apparently Dad has been for a swim today. Thankfully those maroon trunks which he had when I was kid haven't made this trip! Hopefully they've been binned, but knowing Dad he probably put them in a charity bag.  Just been looking at Ko Samui and it looks like the perfect place to relax and swim ... so much so that my Dad had a cow (yes the udder type) as a swimming companion! I've heard of swimming with dolphins but swimming with cows! Dave didn't get a photo of that but here is Dad enjoying his evening meal.

No reports of anything else being lost. On the "found" front as well as the cap my Dad also found a T-shirt. I reckon someone had just nipped off for a quick dip in the sea and my Dad came along and took his stuff. I've requested photo of Dad with his newly acquired cap and T-shirt.

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  1. Just think, there will be someone else blogging from Thailand: "I just went for a quick dip, and while I was swimming with the cows, some bugger nicked my t-shirt!"