Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Airport Run

Had a text off Dad this morning to say he was at Phuket airport waiting for Dave to arrive. I'd been tracking Dave's flight and shortly after it landed I got another text off Dad to say they were in the taxi back to the hotel.

We've now stepped up a gear communication-wise and Thailand has been calling Keele and we've been exchanging Skype conversations. Apparently Dad is slightly bemused by this new form of communication. Wait until we have a video call !  Thailand is +7 hours ahead of GMT so video calling may be difficult but I'm sure we will find a way!

Better watch what I write on here ... no doubt Dad and Dave will be checking on the blog!

Edited to say - just got this photo of Dad in the hotel room. Don't you just love technology.


  1. "We will return Mr Jack Allen for a large bag of Fruit Salad chews and a copy of the 1972 Stoke City League Cup Final Program"

    Well it looked like that sort of photo to me. Tell them to get him to hold up the latest newspaper the next time they send a photo!

  2. Yes it does look like a hostage photo !