Friday, February 17, 2012

An early start

Dad has just popped down to see me. He's off in the morning and as an early start. Mind you with his black eye and crew cut not sure they'll let him on the flight as he doesn't look much like his passport! As for the black eye he has no idea how he got it, the crew cut well that was the clippers on number 2 !

He's just hoping they let him take the bike on the flight. It's below 20 kg weight limit and he's been reading up and Singapore Airlines want over $500 to take a bike as excess luggage. He's decided if they won't let him take it as luggage then the bike is coming home, he'll take the saddle and he'll hire a bike over there!  The rest of his luggage is in his panniers which he is carrying on as hand luggage and in the pockets of his various coats !

Hopefully get a photo of him at the airport tomorrow. Until then ...

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