Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Communication hiccup ...

Got a text off Dad yesterday to say he was out for his second Thai meal. He must have been in the restaurant when he was texting as he said "food has arrived".  I wonder what was on the menu.

During the day he'd been out on the bike and cycled north from Patong along what I assume was the coastal road as he had taken in three beaches. He'd then gone off to meet up with Dave at the airport before popping out for something to eat.

Well between eating out last night and this morning he's "lost" his mobile as I got a text off Dave to let me know. Not sure how yet ... whether he left it in the restaurant, dropped it on the way back or had it stolen. Will find out more later when Dave gets online. A bit of a hiccup but at least this trip we have other ways of communication!  Parents are a nightmare at times !

More later ...


  1. Is Dave staying with your dad for the whole month? I forgot to ask.

  2. Yes Dave there for the month - they come back on the same flight.