Tuesday, February 14, 2012

He's packing light !

Well with just four days to go til he's off to Thailand Dad has started packing. Well I say packing ... the bike is boxed up and with an allowance of only 20 kg to go in the hold and the bike weighing in at 19.5 kg I don't think he'll be taking much stuff with him! He has an allowance of 7 kg for one piece of carry on luggage so he'll be packing everything else into one of his panniers and carrying it on the plane. 7kg for a month away - that will not leave much allowance for any "just-in-cases".  Dad says biking gear takes priority, toiletries and casual "going-out" clothes he'll pick up when he's there. I suppose he's reducing his carbon foot-print slightly as lots of clothes are made in Thailand, so he is saving on having them shipped over to the UK and then taking them back !

We are moving into the high-tech world of communication and I'm hoping to get updated regularly on Skype and even get a few photos while he's out there! That'll make a change from having to wait for them to developed from his disposable camera! If that fails we will be back to texting and me trying to decipher my Dad's very own text speak!

Will keep you all posted.

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  1. I've text him and rung with no luck so far. Won't be a problem though I'm prepared for 5:00AM start on Sat.