Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ko Samui (Day 2)

Dad had an early start this morning. He was on the road for 6.30 am (trying to avoid the heat). He's done a lap around Ko Samui. A 35 mile trip. Stopped off for breakfast in Lamai which is over on the east coast and managed to get a full English breakfast!

He's been and found out the ferry times to Ko Pha Ngan which must be where they are heading tomorrow.

Dave had a day off the bike today but is feeling much better and even managed a meal.

Dave on solid food

Dad was heading out for a swim when he text .... I wonder what creature he'll be swimming with this time. Dave sent a photo of Dad with his new T-shirt and cap.

Dad modelling the new fashion wear ... Road Trash (things found on the side of the Road).

Update on the Dad's lost mobile. It was turned on this morning. I'd sent delivery reports on a couple of texts so I knew when it was switched on. So I rang it!  They soon hung up.  I've sent another text asking them to return the phone back to Paradise Mansion and my parting words were "we know when you use this phone".  My next text to the phone will say "... we know what you did last summer" :)  Doubt we will get it back but I'll have fun trying to get it back :)

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