Saturday, February 18, 2012

He's on his way ...

Well he's on is way. My friend Andy drove him to Heathrow airport with a very early start this morning !  No worries on the bike front as Dad managed to get his bike on the flight.  That bike box looks a bit like a suitcase doesn't it !   All the rest of his luggage, except what he is wearing is in the red pannier in front of the bike box. Now that is travelling light.

I knew the coat of many pockets would be a mistake ... he'll never be able to find anything !
It's in here somewhere !

They even had time for breakfast !

Dad with his black eye!
Flight departed on time and last time I looked he was over Poland en-route to Singapore for the first leg of the journey.

Thanks Andy for taxing Dad to airport and for the photos !

Edited to say ... perhaps the flight tracker isn't that accurate as four hours later the flight is still showing as being over Poland !


  1. Hilarious, I bet he will be searching for his glasses, wallet, passport, etc.

    Whats with the black eye??:

  2. Pam he has no idea how he got his black eye! He woke up one morning with it. That was some dream he must have had to get it!

  3. He did have to check which pocket his boarding card/passport etc were in. But then every other pocket was full with stuff. I was a bit worried for a second about getting the bike box on the belt at check in. There is a bar that looks like it.'s there to stop oversized luggage going on. There was about an in clearance! Fwe-ew! Because of the size it didn't go on the belt. She put a Handle with care patch on it and we had to put it in a trolley with a cage on. Gets special handling instead of the normal chuck it about. So should arrive in good condition.

  4. Andy was the "handle with care" patch stuck on my Dad or the bike box :) With that black eye he should have been given "special handling".