Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Somewhere in Thailand

Well there seems to have been a communication breakdown ... and I'm not getting the usual updates from the Thai Two!  I'm assuming they have no Wifi as I've not seen Dave on Skype. I text Dad earlier after I got the elephant photo to say "assume you've got no credit on your Thai sim as I didn't hear from you yesterday". I got a text back almost immediately to say he'd sent a text and it must have got lost ! He updated me with what he'd been up to yesterday. He been on a boat ride around Ayutthava and he had also visited three more temples ...shoes off, shoes on, shoes off, shoes on, shoes off, shoes on!  He also went back to the Night Market and had a good (and probably very cheap) evening meal.

I'm still non the wiser as to whether or not he'd had an elephant ride or just stopped and had his photo taken with it. I'm still jealous either way.

They were on the move today and heading south back down through Thailand. I know they had planned on getting a train or bus at some point as they need to cover a lot of miles, but with no text/wifi update I have no idea how far they've travelled or where they've ended up.  I'm kind of thinking Dad is forgetting to press the send button and he's got a couple of messages for me sitting in his draft/out box!

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