Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ko Tao

Dad and Dave have moved off Ko Pha Ngan and are now on the island of Ko Tao. Got them a nice little bungalow for the night. Apparently it's not in as good a location as the one on Ko Pha Ngan. Looks pretty good to me!

Dad relaxing on the veranda
Dad has apparently found a mask in the swimming pool.Very nearly couldn't use it as he almost left his trunks behind this morning! Mind you that probably wouldn't stop my Dad going for a dip!

Both Dave and my Dad have been for a dip in the pool.


  1. He'd have found a 'New' pair somewhere surely.

    Now when you say a mask, are we talking Batman or Jacque Cousteau?

  2. I ever asked what sort of mask ! I'm assuming Jacque Cousteau. Saying that they could be off to a masked ball tonight!

    Now I've got that image of Del Boy and Rodney being Batman & Robin in my head

  3. Wow your father is having the time of his life and really getting around. How fantastic to see the world and have such great experiences. I would rather have experiences such as this than a big home or a huge bank account, neither of which I have anyhow, lol. I love the pictures! I am writing from Canada, we have 6 inches of snow, and its just below freezing, the palm trees and little shack, and the sandy beach look perfect. Great travel blog!