Thursday, March 15, 2012


Got a text off Dad earlier. Think we've sorted the communication blip now! I don't know who he was texting but it wasn't me !

They are now back in Phuket. A bit of a recap over the last couple of days. They cycled 100 kms to get to Nakhon Phanom which is just north of Bangkok. From there they eventually got a train at 4.30 pm (the first train not having room for bikes, the second being full of passengers) and arrived Surat Thani 2.00 am (local time) but unfortunately their bikes didn't!  The bikes should have been in the Guards Van. Dave remembers seeing them on the platform before they left but they both thought they'd been put on the train. I can imagine the panic of them being separated from their bikes. They had to hang around at the station and their bikes arrived on the next train at 5.00 am !  So quite a bit of the last couple of days has been spent hanging around railway stations - I wonder if they had a thermos and a notebook with them!

They got themselves a bus from Surat Thani back onto Phuket.  Will get more of an update once they get back on Skype.

An update on his lost mobile. Since it was lost at the start of the trip it's been getting switched on just on a Tuesday. Why Tuesday !!   I know this as I've been texting it regularly and I send delivery reports to the mobile and I get an alert when they are delivered. I've rang it each time it gets switched on! Once they hung up on me the other times it's already been turned off again.  Well this week as well as Tuesday it's been turned on today and I rang it and they answered!  Slight language issue and they eventually hung up on me!  Not sure if it's kids who have it.  I've text and asked it to be returned to the Paradise Mansion Hotel as this is where Dad and Dave will finish their trip as their bike boxes are stored there. I doubt it will get returned but I have fun texting things like "I'm watching you", "I know what you did last summer!" :)

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