Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ban Pong

Got a text off Dad this morning. It didn't make a great deal of sense. I gathered from it that they had caught the train to Ban Pong. However just had a Skype call with him and I've now got all the details!

They are in a place called Ban Pong which is about 90 kms west of Bangkok.  The train was a local train which stopped at every station, so it took 6 hours for the 300 km journey.  No air-con, just the open windows. However it cost Dad, Dave and the two bikes a total of £6.50 so they shouldn't complain!  They even had the guards/police helping to get the bikes into the guards carriage.   At every stop local people would get on the train selling drinks and food. Dad had a drink and some savoury snacks (which he thought were sweets!)

When they got off the train they asked (well did the international mime) that they wanted a room for the night and the guy said "I come from Derby ... I'll sort you out some where to stay".  They are now staying at the Park Hotel in Ban Pong. Pretty posh by Dad's standards. TV, air con, twin bedded.  The Porters even carried their bike panniers to their rooms - now that is posh. In total it's £10.00 for the pair of them.

Dad and Dave have met very few other tourist cyclists.  They met a German couple, a French lad who was also carrying camping gear and also an American lad.  The roads have been pretty good on the mainland for cycling, with wide verges for cycling but they were getting a bit bored of cycling along route 4, hence the train journey today.

Weather is still a steady 32 degrees day and night.  Dad was saying when they had an evening shower they would also take all their cycling gears into the shower to wash it. They hang it up and usually dries within the hour.

Tonight they are off out for a meal. If the menu is in Thai Dad just points at a couple of things! You have to love his style.  He's done ok so far with no upset stomach.  However they always buy bottled water but at 10p for a two litre bottle it comes cheap.

They had a nice little bungalow (or Wendy House) in Bang Saphan last night.

Wendy House

It was about 1 km from the sea front. They headed down to the coast on their bikes looking for an evening meal. Found a nice little place and Dad had squid for tea which together with a bottle of water and a couple of beers came to six squid (£6.00 !)

Tomorrow they are off to Kanchanaburi which is where the Bridge over the River Kwai is.  They are hoping on cycling out there.

To update the lost/found list.  Nothing else lost and nothing else found but Dad says he's always on the lookout!  His Nokia phone he lost early on in the trip has been turned on again so I rang it but they had turned it off. I've text it again to say "the phone has a tracking device and I know when it's being used" :)

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  1. Brilliant update Kendal. Six squid!! Sounds like he has landed on his feet for tonight's accommodation, although I like the look of the bungalows personally. He should have a few more tales to tell tomorrow!