Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sena Part II

Well I did manage a Skype call with Dad this afternoon. He'd tried texting me with a LONG text (I say long, that's probably 160 characters!) and then found he'd run out of credit and it wouldn't send. Hopefully they'll top-up the Thai sim tomorrow.

Yesterday they had the first rain of the trip. Not bad as they have been there three weeks now.  They'd just got dropped off from their ride in the posh pick-up. They had it all - rain, thunder, lightening.  Luckily they'd been dropped off at a petrol station so they sought shelter in the garage where they fixed the cars. The storm lasted a good hour. They then had a three hour cycle ride to Sena.

They are currently staying at Baan Lotus guesthouse. According to Dad they have very nice room with twin beds, air con, shower and a balcony all at a cost of £6.00 a night for the pair of them. They are staying here for two nights.

Today Dad has been out on his bike this morning and stopped off at Tesco (yes Tesco !) for a coffee.This afternoon he gave his legs a rest and has been exploring in a TukTuk around Ayutthaya . Dave took the day off to recover from something he'd eaten last night.

Ayutthava is famous for it's temples and the TukTuk tour took in some of the many temples. Hope Dad was suitably dressed (probably in his cycling gear)and that he'd got clean socks on as he would have had to keep taking his shoes off to go in the temples!  Following the TukTuk tour Dad got dropped off at the night market with a fellow Brit and they both headed to the food stalls for something to eat. Dad had a seafood platter but this time it came ready cooked !  Also got himself a bottle of beer

Dad had during the day been watching the Elephants at one of the sanctuaries. Instead of taking them down to the river to bathe they take them through an elephant wash which Dad described as being like a huge car wash!

Tomorrow they are planning on doing some more touristy things. Dad is planning on going on a boat trip as Ayutthaya is an island surrounded by three rivers. I've also told him to get himself on an elephant ride.

Thanks to a re-tweet by Mark Beaumont we've had over a 100 hits on the blog today !

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