Friday, March 9, 2012

Sai Yok Day 2

Had a text and a Skype call off Dad today. They are still in Sai Yok. Today they have cycled 65 kms (without panniers) on route 323 to Nam Kok and then caught the tourist train back to Sai Yok.  Nam Kok is the end of the Death Railway. In Nam Kok they did the museum and then headed down the steps to see Hellfire Pass  where prisoners of war had blown a passage through the rocks to build the railway track..

Dad says the train journey back was a right bone-shaker and that they'd had to pay the "tourist" rate which at £4.00 was VERY expensive!  He's going to be a nightmare when he gets home ! He was chatting to a couple of the tourist guides on the journey back who were asking Dad and Dave what they had been doing. They then asked Dad how old he was and then said he'd not got many wrinkles!

They've got a very nice bungalow in a new resort - I did ask what it was called and Dad said he didn't know as it was written in Thai!  Bungalow had air con, TV, fridge and hot and cold water, but Dad did say it's mostly cold showers they've been having as it's so hot.  The resort has a bar (not completely finished), swimming pool which looks out over the River Kwai.  Dad said they have been watching the elephants from the Elephant an elephant. At the end of the day they either come down after they'd finished doing the tourist rides and take the tourist for a ride in the river or come down to the river to bathe with their young !  I asked if they'd got an photos ... unfortunately not !

There is lots to do in Sai Yok and Dad said they could have quite easily have spent a week there and gone caving, rafting and riding the elephants but being on the bike they need to move on!

Tomorrow they are heading for Ayutthaya, another tourist area which is north of Bangkok. The owner of the holiday resort is going to Bangkok tomorrow so is giving Dad, Dave and the bikes a lift in his pick-up!  That'll save them a couple of days cycling.   They'll have just a week left so after Ayutthaya they will start heading back through Thailand to Phuket.

Dad was telling me the tale of the raw food last night. They'd had a struggle to find the restaurant initially but it had come recommended. Dad decided to have the seafood platter. All the fish and vegetables came out on a plate and Dad started tucking in!  A couple of Thai people rushed over and stopped him (he'd already eaten some fish!). Then out of the kitchen came a pot and charcoal.  The restaurant owner's wife came over and helped Dad with the cooking !  Dad said the seafood platter and beer was £4.00 !  Dad has decided tonight to be on the safe side and he's going for a Thai curry and rice.

Dad said they've been having Thai fruit shakes - banana, pineapple, melon, whatever fruit was available. At £1.00 a shake they are classed as a luxury!  Also the emergency food on the bike is a bunch of bananas which for a bunch of 10 bananas cost about 10p !  Bargain.

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  1. Great update again!! Makes Lidl look expensive!!