Thursday, November 27, 2014

He's had the op !

Dad's heart by-pass op was scheduled for first thing (not sure what time that is!). I knew it was a relatively big operation so I left it til after 2.00 to ring ICU and check but they told me he'd not returned from theatre and try later. I rang after 3.00 and was told the same. By this time I was getting worried so I rang the ward to see if his op had been delayed but they said he'd left the ward around 8.00/9.00 ish for theatre. I rang ICU again just after 4.00 and was told the same thing that he'd not arrived back again but to try after 5.00. By now I was getting really worried! Just got in from work and tried about 5.30 and he'd just arrived back and they were just settling him in. I said I'd ring again later to check he's settled in ok. Such a relief to hear he's in ICU I was getting worried especially after each time I rang and he was not back.

Dad asked me not to visit (nor anyone else) the first day in ICU as he'll have tubes in and equipment, plus he'll be drowsy and just want to rest so will check tomorrow and hopefully get to visit. As well as seeing how Dad is getting on I want to see what Pod 2 is like !

Will keep you posted.

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