Saturday, November 29, 2014

back on a normal ward

I rang up to see how Dad was this morning and they told me he'd been moved from Critical Care and back onto the normal ward which was great news. Rang on and off through the day but never got to speak to anyone.

Just in from visiting. Dad is now in a four bed ward in Coronary Care. Another tough visit as Dad was confused and upset which made me upset. I don't know what I was expecting at this visit, maybe miracles. When I got there one of the staff was trying to coax him to eat a yogurt. He'd eaten about half of it. He's drinking water though and we managed to talk him into eating a banana. He's still very tired and sleepy.

Apparently Dad has had visitors today which was nice as I wasn't able to make afternoon visiting. There was a bit on confusion as they turned up to see Jack Allen and were told there wasn't a Jack Allen on the ward but we have a John Allen. His visitor popped his head in the ward and said "oh that's Jack Allen".  Dad's name is actually John Allen but only his sister's family refer to him as John. It's actually a bit confusing on his ward of four beds as three people are called John and the other man is called Don ! I've told them to call him Jack !

Again didn't stay too long, Dad was really sleepy. Hopefully after a good nights sleep tonight he'll be feeling better. As they say tomorrow is another day !

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