Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's hours not days now ...

Well it's just over 36 hours til Dad leaves home for Vietnam. He's got a bit of journey before he leaves the UK via Heathrow. First there is a taxi from home into town to catch the National Express at some small hour of the morning when most people (ie me!) will be tucked up snuggly in bed! Told Dad to go and find out today where he needs to catch the coach, seeing they are currently in the process of "moving" the bus station! Dad then has a few hours wait in Birmingham coach station before the onwards journey down to Heathrow. I just hope he doesn't nod off and miss the connecting coach !

He then has a few hours wait at Heathrow and time for breakfast before he flies out on Saturday morning to Kuala Lumpur. It's then onwards to Ho Chi Minh City where he arrives on Sunday morning (local time).

Hopefully he'll not lose his mobile phone on this trip ! I've had to go and get myself a new sim for an old mobile phone seeing Dad has somehow "blocked" my current mobile number and none of my texts are getting through! He can still text me, but as he's not got a message from me in his inbox to just "reply" to, he's struggling a bit even do that !So for the next month I'll be wandering around with TWO mobile phones (I'll be needing a bigger handbag !).

Will update the blog as and when I hear from him but I've got his itinerary so hopefully I'll be able to keep you up-to-date where he is and highlights for that day.

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