Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 2 - Cu Chi Tunnels

Got a very brief text off Dad early this morning to say they'd cycled 20 miles to the Cu Chi tunnels. It was followed up a few hours later by another to say, sorry for the short text I was on the bus! To me an ideal opportunity to be texting. 

The Cu Chi tunnels  are an immense network of connecting underground tunnels located under part of Siagon.  My Dad did say I'd of hated them. Very small and loads of bats! My worst nightmare. 

Found a photo on Wikipedia of the tunnels.

Cu Chi Tunnels - Niels Aage

Weather is hot at 30 degrees. I text him back to say it's very cold here!

Below is the itinerary for the day from Exodus which gives a bit more detail than Dad's 140 character text.

Day 2 (Day 3 Ex London) Ride to Cu Chi Tunnels

This morning we drive out of the city, before riding to the Cu Chi
Tunnels. This offers a great introduction to cycling in Vietnam and a
chance to fine tune the bikes. The tunnels were Vietcong sanctuaries,
used by the guerrillas as living quarters and escape routes, the
network covers 3 levels and approximately 240 kms of tunnels.
Although originally very narrow, some parts have been widened for
tourists, but even so it is still necessary to crawl on hands and knees.
Claustrophobes may prefer to stay outside in the sunshine! lf you
prefer not to visit the tunnels you can have an unguided free day in
Saigon. Places of interest include: the Emperor of Jade and Giac Lam
pagodas, the former Presidential Palace (now the Reunificatíon Hall),
Ben Thanh market and the War Remnants Museum. Ride approx. 35

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